Choosing a real estate agent

What should you look for in an agent? The best real estate agents will do more than just help you sell your home. An agent’s job is to market and negotiate. Many agents are valuable sources of information on the local area as well as having contacts for various trades. An agent who understands your market will help you sell faster, and for a higher price. 

Think of choosing an agent as entering into a business partnership. The cheapest agent is not necessarily the best agent! Shortlist a selection of agents in your local area who have sold properties similar to yours.

Choosing an agent is a personal decision but here are some of my guidelines to help you choose the right agent to sell your home:

  • Someone you communicate well with, trust and feel confident with.
  • Ability to meet your actual requirements (price, timeline, discretion)
  • Professional registration and/ or license
  • Positive word or mouth and testimonials from previous clients
  • Knowledge of the local area in which you’re selling your property
  • Commitment to frank, realistic conversations about the market and your situation
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